Who are the CognoTechs?
...and what have they got against A.I.?

Oddly enough, we actually utilize A.I. quite a bit ourselves. We just don't rely on it to make any final decisions for us. If you are craving real, natural cognitive brain power to help with any research, consulting or projects you may have, then you've come to the right place. CognoTechs are a group of diverse, intelligent, open-minded individuals that will help you with any of your company's needs at a fair cost.

The SyndaTec Family of Companies
CognoTechs is one of a handful of companies under the SyndaTec LLC umbrella. SyndaTec LLC is a small company based in Jacksonville, FL that is very passionate about all things technical and very concerned about IT security. We all feel that many quality IT services are priced too high and therefore out of reach for smaller mom-and-pop type companies. Excellent customer service and quality performance are always our first priorities. Our companies are focused on doing our part to make everyone's internet experience more secure, appealing and efficient. To make this happen we provide stellar service and products behind the names CognoTechs, Silicon Defenses, Demon Toys and of course our parent SyndaTec LLC.
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